Some Past DIY Projects

Here are a couple Do It Yourself Projects that we have done in the past and had great success with!

*Blanket Ladder-This is a super simple project that you can make for pretty cheap! We use ours all the time it is a great way to store blankets in your living room! Blanket Ladder


Blanket Ladder

*Lawn Chairs- These chairs we made off this link: Chaise Lounge Chair. It is pretty simple to follow but make sure you read through it a couple of times before you actually start cutting the wood. As our dad always says “Measure twice and cut once”. We also added a piece to the back so that you can put the back up to different heights.


*Mud Room Organization- We customized this to fit our needs but we followed the general template from this link: Entryway Storage and Organizer


Mud Room Organization

*Pallet Table- This was one of our first pallet projects! IMG_20160624_172244