New Years Craft



Our family always has a New Year’s Party and this is a super cute and cheap way to decorate! We had almost everything we needed already sitting around our house!

What you need:

  • Gold spray paint
  • Gold ribbon
  • Gold glitter
  • Four empty wine bottles
  • Wooden numbers (we got ours from Michaels)
  • Mod Podge
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun

How to make:

1.) First you take your wood letters and put mod podge on one side. Then sprinkle the glitter over it until it is covered. (It is easier to do a little bit at a time to make sure the mod podge does not dry and make sure it is getting covered completely)

2.) Next you need to go over the numbers again with mod podge otherwise the glitter will fall off every time they are moved.

3.) While the numbers dry take your wine bottles and peel the labels off. If they are hard to get off soak them in room temperature soapy water they should then scrap off really easily.

4.) Once the labels are off spray paint the bottles gold. You should not need to many coats; we only used 2.

5.) Next hot glue the letters on to the painted wine bottles. Only put hot glue on the part of the letters that that will touch the bottles. You don’t need much hot glue to keep them on securely.

6.) Next take your ribbon and cut strips of varying length. (We have a range from about 1 bottle length to 2 bottle lengths) Then use scissors to curl them.

7.) Finally hot glue your ribbons inside the very top of the bottles, and that is it.




Sharpie Mugs

I made these as a gift to go with the cork coasters. It was a super cool and easy gift!


What you need:

*Mugs (I got mine from Walmart but I have heard Dollar Tree has some too!)

*Oil-based sharpie paint markers (I used black and gold but feel free to use any colors!)


How to make your Sharpie Mugs:

**If you are comfortable with freehand skip the first 2 steps. (I did a mix of freehand and using a stencil)

1.) Find your design online and print it out.

2.) Cut out your design and trace it on your mug with a pencil.

3.) Draw on your designs with your paint sharpies.

4.) Put in the oven at 250 Degrees for 2 hours.

** There are tons of suggestions for temperature and time but this combination won based on the test done here

Then you are done! It should stand up to hand washing but avoid the dishwasher because it might cause the paint to chip. These are the perfect gift they are super simple and turn out really well. I made these as a gift for a Harry Potter fan!