DIY Wine Bottle Citronella Candles

Here is another project that we found on Pinterest. Here is the link: DIY Wine Bottle Citronella Candles

This is a great way to reuse wine bottles that you have laying around the house! These are perfect for summer nights to keep the bugs away!


What you need:

*Replacement Tiki Wick

*Tiki Fuel with citronella

*Marbles, pebbles or craft gems like we have

*Teflon Tape

*Wine Bottle (if you want to leave the label on make sure to mod podge it so it can handle being left outside)

*1/2″ X  3/4″ copper coupling with stop (in the pluming section of a hardware store)

*1/2″ copper tube cap (in the pluming section of a hardware store) (This is to cover the wick when it is not in use)

*Funnel (this is really helpful so you don’t spill the fuel)



How to make your Citronella Candles:

Optional first step! If you want to leave the labels on the wine bottles like we did then mod podge over them so they will stand up to the elements. Otherwise you can remove the labels from the bottles. You could also you any glass bottle of similar size and follow the same steps.

1.) First fill your wine bottles about half way with your marbles or gems.

2.) Then take the copper coupling and wrap Teflon tape around the bigger end until it fits snugly in the top of the wine bottle, but don’t insert it yet.

3.) Next insert your wick in to the coupling leaving only about an inch sticking out of the smaller side.

4.) Fill your bottle with the Tiki fuel (about to where the neck of the bottle starts) using the funnel so you don’t spill. Then insert your wick making sure it fits in snugly and won’t fall in. The wick should rest right above where your pebbles are.

*Wait a couple of minutes before you light it so the fuel has time to soak into the wick.

*Use the copper tube cap to cover your wick when your candle is not in use to ensure the wick doesn’t get wet and the fuel does not evaporate.

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