Chalkboard Wine Glasses

This project is super simple and makes a really cute gift for that wine lover in your life! (So really everyone, right?) We made these as a gift for our parents a while ago and they love them!

What you need:

*Cheap wine glasses(we got ours at the Dollar Store)

*Newspaper or something to protect where ever you are spraying

*Spray chalkboard paint

*Painters tape


Making your wine glasses:

1.) Start by taping off how far up you want the chalkboard paint to go on the stem of the wine glass.

2.) Then lay out your newspaper, I would suggest outside because it can be hard to control where the spray paint ends up.

3.) Next you just spray the stem and bottom of the wine glasses until you get to the tape.

4.) Let them dry, remove the tape and you should get a very straight line where the chalkboard paint stops.

They are then ready to use or wrap up with some chalk as a gift! Make sure to hand wash because the chalkboard paint will come off in the dishwasher.


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