How to make your own Mason Jar Herb Garden

Making a herb garden is something we have been wanting to do for awhile. We came across so many different cute and clever ways to do it on Pinterest, but we settled on a mason jar herb garden because of our lack of space as well as the need for it to be indoors because of our cold Minnesota temperatures. It takes only a few steps to create a cute and very usable herb garden for your kitchen.

What you need:

*Mason Jars (enough for the different number of herbs you want)



*Soil Crystals (helps with extra moisture so the jars don’t mold)

*Seeds or herb plants (It is easier to start with plants over seeds, especially for those of us with no patience or a green thumb)

Making your herb garden:

1.) Fill each of your mason jars with rocks about an inch or so. This will help with water drainage which is one of the biggest problems planting in jars because if there is too much moisture it can get moldy.

2.) Next mix some of your soil with the soil crystals. Again the crystals will help the jar not to mold by absorbing the extra water.

3.) Fill your jars with soil about 3/4 of the way up leaving room for the plants or seeds.

4.) Next either sprinkle your seeds or insert your pre-grown plants in to the jars. If you are using plants make sure you break up the roots a little bit before planting them in the jar.

5.)Now fill your jars up to just under the lip with soil. The soil will settle and go down a little with watering so be sure to fill it up to the top.

Repeat for each herb and jar you have. You now have your mason jar herb garden. Make sure to water it everyday and check under the rocks to determine if it needs more or less water. I know we are looking forward to cooking with fresh herbs and we hope you are too.IMG_20160626_204151

Some extra notes that helped us when choosing our herb garden:

*Choosing herbs to grow: Here are a couple links to choosing good indoor herbs to grow as well as some more specific information on them.

Easiest Herbs to Grow Indoors

An Herb Growers Cheat Sheet

*What to do with all your extra herbs: Here are a couple ideas we saw. Let us know if you have any more!

How to Harvest and Preserve Your Herbs

Herb Candle

*We also found this site with a ton of cute and simple ideas to label your herb garden

Label Your Herb Garden (We are going to go with the wine corks!)




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